Exposure to Unstable Energy Markets

Deregulation, the attacks on cheap energy, and the push for "green" energy
production. Agree with it or not, it is the reality. Do you want to minimize your
exposure to those markets? We can dramatically cut your electric
usage and negotiate the rate you pay.

Employee Productivity

Do you enjoy working under fluorescent lights?
Most lighting creates eye strain which leads to headaches
and stress that negatively affects employee productivity.
Do your lights hum or flicker? Are your lights making your people sick?

Government Regulations

The regulatory landscape is constantly changing and it is no different with lighting.
We all know about the "banning" of the incandescent bulb, but the ban goes much
further than that. Are you required to follow the DEP disposal and storage requirements?
How much mercury do your lights have? Do you know what your exposure is?


Did you know that the 3rd most frequently asked question on a workman's compensation form is - What were the lighting conditions? What were the light levels? Do you want to limit your exposure to this type of risk?

Reducing Overhead and Maximizing Profits

Selecting and installing the right LED light fixtures can cut your electric costs up to 90% and eliminate your maintenance costs for 5-20 years. We will show you how you can get at least a 300% Return on Investment, improve your cash flow on day 1, while preserving your capital.

Take Advantage of Incentive Programs to Upgrade Your
Lighting Now Including:

  • Cash for Clunkers Rebates
  • Professional Organization
  • Manufacturer Discounts
  • Business Discounts for minority-owned, woman-owned and veteran-owned businesses

Take Advantage of our 0% Down Financing Programs

  • No Equipment to Purchase
  • National Service Centers
  • Monthly Fee for Service
  • Cash Flow Positive on Day 1


How much of your company's bottom
line goes into lighting your facilities?

  • We can help you save 50%-90%!

Are you wasting money changing old,
inefficient fluorescent lights
or repairing faulty fixtures?

  • Eliminate these costs entirely by retrofitting
    your facilities with new, energy-efficient
    LED lighting!

Worried about how new government
regulations on lighting will impact your facilities in the future?

  • Install energy-efficient, mercury-free lighting that complies with new regulations
    NOW and get a 300% return on your investment!
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